Pilates Essentials is an open level class for both beginners and experienced Pilates practitioners. We will explain the main principles of Pilates (Centering, Precision, Control, Breath and Flow) using the reformer/tower, while giving you an intense full body workout.


Pilates Allegro is an advanced Reformer/Tower class that is only meant for students who have been to at least ten Essentials Reformer/Tower classes at our studio.  Registration for this class is only valid with permission of the instructor.


Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates

Mat classes offer the fundamentals of Pilates and are a great place to begin. No springs, no equipment, but the chance to really experience core work.



This class is a combination of Latin dance cardio and Pilates mat with simple resistance band and circle training. Be prepared to sweat! Workout shoes are recommended.



This fun, group-oriented class starts with a warm-up of standing Pilates and dance (Barre) designed to activate your mind and body and ends with a workout on the Pilates EXO chair for intense core focus.

The Barre Method workout combines ballet technique and pilates movement principles to provide an energizing work out that strengthens, stretches and tones the whole body. It’s designed to work you out without causing stress and strain. It uses movement principles of core activation, proper alignment and balanced muscle development as the foundation of every class.  Each exercise focuses on precise movements to strengthen specific muscle groups.

The Balanced Body EXO Chair is a fun and super challenging way to tone and lengthen. It has aspects of the Reformer and the Tower, but will challenge you in a completely new way, bringing more focus to your core and upper body. Come prepared for an intense workout.



This class is our time for Mother’s-to-be. All trimesters are welcome. Class will be relaxing as well as a real workout.  Sections are based on demand so contact our studio if interested.

If you are looking for Childbirth Education we endorse



MELT is a simple self-treatment technique you can use every day to make your body feel better and function more efficiently. Relieve aches and pains brought on by aging and active living. Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and low back strain, improve alignment, and learn how to keep your whole body working better.



In this class we use Pilates props to challenge our balance, and to improve our strength and proprioception.
The Parasetter relates to our bodies through targeting specific geometric points. With a little bit of imagination, we can diagram our movement patterns and target specific changes to our postural habits.
This class is safe for people with common injuries and can even be a dynamic athletic challenge. This course also uses the Bodhi suspension straps and other Pilates props.
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Our Teachers

Our teachers visit conferences around the globe and never stop learning to bring the best and latest workouts into every class. Each and every class is different.

  • Would recommend to anyone (regardless of age or experience level) wanting a nice workout that feels good during and after. The group classes are reasonably priced and small enough that you can get individual attention and feedback. All the instructors are patient, friendly, helpful, and each have something different to offer. They will make sure to give you some pointers and adjustments when needed.

    Amy H.
  • The intro session was great. I will admit that it will probably take more than one class to get to know it all better. I went for my second session and while waiting, Spencer asked if I wanted to check out a combination class. It was awesome! A great way to target the core without the draining intensity. I was sore the next day, but look forward to going back.

    Simona G.
  • “I owe my life to Spencer and his wonderful studio.  Before meeting Spencer, I was a 26 year old who sometimes walked with a cane due to severe herniated discs in my mid to lower back.  The best doctors in NY had recommended spinal fusion at 3 levels!  After 8 months of pilates with Spencer, I haven't seen the inside of a doctors, chiropractic, physical therapist or pain management office.  I've never felt better.  The best part, the cane is part of my distant past.  THANKS SPENCER!”

    AlyssaSuffered from herniated discs
  • “Today, I feel like a new person.  I regained my strength, balance,  coordination and flexibility.  As an added bonus, I have lost several inches in the right places!”



Introductory private – $35

3 group classes – $40

5 group classes – $55

1 private + 3 group classes – $75

1 private + 5 group classes – $90


expire one year after activation

Reformer/Tower, Barre, or Chair – $28

10 Reformer/Tower classes – $240

20 Reformer/Tower classes – $410

Mat or Yoga class – $20

10 Mat or Yoga classes – $170

5 Mat/5 Reformer combo – $200

Private class – $80

5 Private classes – $375

10 Private classes – $675

Duet class – $90 (45 per person)

Appentice private – $40


expires one month after activation

$190 ($180 with auto pay*)………..8 visits a month

$200 ($190 with auto pay)………….10 visits a month

$210 ($200 with auto pay)………..12 visits a month

$230 ($220 with auto pay)………..16 visits a month

$250 ($240 with auto pay)………..20 visits a month



The auto pay option is a 3 month commitment that will discount your Monthly pass by $10/month.


Spencer Pilates Arts offers the finest instruction in machine and mat Pilates.  We offer individual and group classes.  Featuring all the traditional machines; the Reformer, Chair, Cadillac.  All of our group classes are limited in size to ensure the best level of care and quality.

We require that you reserve ahead for space in our classes.  If this is your first time at the studio you can call or email the studio to schedule a half-price private introduction to the Pilates method.


All classes are one hour.

Please allow 24 hours notice in the case of a cancellation, otherwise you will be charged for the class.

All packages activate on the date of first visit, not on the purchase date.

All contracts and packages can be purchased online or in-studio.

Gift Certificates are available–please contact us for more information.

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