Align & Restore Yoga

A combination of strength-building postures based on alignment principles, and followed by restorative poses with pranayama (breathing practice) to calm the nervous system down. This class is ideal for all levels, whether for students who want to bring the yoga practice inward, or beginners to build a strong foundation for continuing practice.

Yin Yoga

Come and join us for a different style of yoga. Yin Yoga is based off of an ancient yoga philosophy marrying the Daoism of Yin and Yang — yang representing masculine (active) and Yin the feminine (passive). Yin is the opposite of a Vinyasa class which is mostly active strength building postures. In Yin we do mostly floor postures that promote deeper relaxation and flexibility.

Hatha Vinyasa

A mix of held poses and flowing sequences to build strength and flexibility with a strong focus on alignment and breath. Students of all levels and abilities are provided with a range of variations to adjust the challenge of the practice to each individual’s level of comfort.

Deep Relaxation and Guided Visualisation

The benefits of deep relaxation can stimulate the para-sympathetic nervous system and offer several positive benefits on the mind and body. Studies show that by achieving deep relaxation through various methods, one may relieve aches and pains, improve heart health, decrease symptoms in medical conditions, reduce stress, and improve sleep. Relaxation may also reduce the symptoms of mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Rachael Nickel

Rachael was born in Toledo, Ohio. She has a BFA in Art from the Columbus College of Art and Design, and as an artist she brings a very creative approach to yoga. She began practicing yoga when she moved to New York in the mid 90’s and has studied various styles of yoga throughout New York City. She graduated from the 200 hour World Yoga Center Teacher Training Program in 2000 and completed the rigorous 500 hour teacher training program at the Dharma Mittra Yoga Center in 2010.

Sheila Spears

Sheila discovered Yoga when she first  moved to the United States. While away from her family, and adapting to a new way of life, she found comfort in yoga.   Sheila learned the freedom yoga can provide by obtaining her first certification at Laughing Lotus. After year of continued teaching and training, she started focusing on therapeutic yoga and integrating different modalities of healing techniques, such as reiki and aromatherapy, into her classes.
In her 500 hour Urban Zen Integrative Therapy training, she was introduced to the study of Iyengar Yoga, and has since modified her practice to include a particular focus on proper alignment. Currently, she is training to be a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher.
“I think that yoga if for everybody,” Sheila states passionately. “I am dedicated to making yoga accessible for everyone, my classes are focused on the safe movement of the body, proper alignment and usage of props.”

Meredyth Holmes

Meredyth is a 200-hour certified instructor with yoga alliance. She fell in love with the practice of yoga when she moved 15 years ago to NYC from Los Angeles. One of the many benefits she discovered about yoga was the ability to cope better with the stress of living in a big city. She was at first hesitant about trying Yin Yoga but after taking the first class she was hooked. Yin actually was a wonderful complement to her vinyasa practice. Meredyth loved yoga enough that she went on to become a teacher.
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