Bobbi Nigro

Yamuna Body Rolling

Bobbi has been a fitness professional for over 30 years, graduating with a BA in Physical Education and Recreation.  Upon graduating, she immediately began leading others on fitness adventures. And what an adventure it’s been! From cycling to whitewater canoeing to triathlons, Bobbi is an athlete and Ironman Triathlete for life. As much as she lives for training and adventure, she wholeheartedly believes in balance. Practicing and teaching Yamuna Body Rolling is that perfect balance.  “Practicing YBR is what keeps me doing what I love to do and doing it pain free! That’s what I want to help you to do,” she says. “We work to bring balance to our lives, Yamuna Body Rolling brings balance to our bodies in a gentle, beautiful way.”

In this Yamuna Ball Rolling class you will stimulate bone, creating space in joints and release muscles from origin to insertion. It is both an energizing and relaxing workout that will leave you feeling more balanced and restored.